The War for Troy

Bronze Age Achaeans’ wars  ◊  ca. 1260-1200 BC

Modelling:  344 miniature-figures resin 1/72 scale.

Story:     According to Homer’s epic poem “Iliad”, the allied forces of the Achaeans started a war against the Trojans and their allies, besieging the city of Troy for reasons of honor; claiming the insult of Paris (prince of Troy), who was responsible for the abduction of Helen (Spartan king’s wife). Historically, the Achaeans, after their domination in the Hellenic mainland, also sought to control Aegean Sea’s commercial routes and to expand to the coast of Anatolia, where Ionians were well-established. Achaean kingdoms, under the guidance of king of Mycenae Agamemnon, joined forces of over 100,000 men and 1,200 battle-ships and campaigned to occupy the strategic location of the city of Troy, which gathered over 60,000 allied defenders under the Trojan king Priamos. During a 9 years long-lasting siege, Achaeans made numerous assault attempts to city-walls and exercised unsuccessful exclusion tactics. Finally, they managed to occupy Troy with the famous trick of the “wooden-horse gift”. War of Troy is the most legendary war in the ancient history.