Charity Events

Small displays made for charity – Christmas 2017-2018

Modelling:   ca 200 miniature-figures resin 1/72 scale.

Story:      During the Christmas period, traditionally, the employees of our company prepare cakes, candies and decoration handicrafts and sell them in bazars and market-places. The income of these sales goes to local charity and children-aid organizations. In 2017, I decided to join this charity initiative and started preparing small displays (12×12), usually with 14 miniature figures in each. I was surprised that the demand was quite high, especially in mall market environments and miniatures was usually the first handicraft to sold-out. In two years, have sold during Christmas days 14 small displays and contrary to my principles that hobbies are not for sale, I’m very happy for my contribution to this charity initiative.

PS: sorry for the pictures – taken by mobile phone.