Battle of Thermopylae

Hellenic-Persian Wars  ◊   Phase II   ◊  September 480 BC

Modelling:   128 miniature-figures resin 1/72 scale. 

Story:       Persian king Xerxes with a strong army of approximately 150,000 soldiers prepared invasion against Hellenic cities. For internal competitive issues, city-states couldn’t make a decision to team-up and face Persian invasion, with a common Hellenic alliance.  To support them to realize the shared threat and allow enough time to prepare a common defensive plan, Spartan king Leonidas formed an army of 300 selected Spartans and other allies (Thespians, Thebans) and decided to meet Persian forces, at narrow pass of Thermopylae. The sacrifice of the 300 Spartans and the Thespians and their resistance for one week against Persian army (3 days battle), gave the incentive to the rest Hellenic city-states to react effectively and prepare properly a unified defence against Persian invasion, in two frontiers: at the sea (Salamis) and in main-land (Plataea).