Battle of Waterloo

Napoleonic wars   ◊  June 1815

Modelling:  256 miniature-figures resin 1/72 scale.

Story:     On March 1815 Napoleon returned from the exile. Shortly before reaching Paris, the powerful European monarchy supporters: the United Kingdom of Britain, the Kingdom of Prussia, the Empire of Austria and the Empire of Russia, met and declared Napoleon as outlaw in the Congress of Vienna and agreed the preparation of common forces to take military action against the French army. In short time Napoleon assembled an army of 73,000 men and moved fast to prevent the preparation of Austrian and Russian forces to join British and Prussian armies (numbering already 118,000 men with their allies). The critical battle took place on 18 June at Waterloo, near Brussels and ended with a decisive victory of the allies. The battle of Waterloo terminated a long period of wars in Europe, established regimes of monarchy – especially with the formation of Holly Alliance – and ended the attempt of Napoleon to promote revolutionary ideas and support democratic governments in European states.