Battle of Kadesh 

New Kingdom of Egypt  ◊  May 1274 BC

Modelling:  357 miniature-figures resin 1/72 scale.

Story:      Pharaoh Ramses II, trooped to Syrian territories, with an army of over 20,000 infantry and 2,000 chariots, to secure the control of north-eastern trade routes. Hittite emperor Muwatalli II, with Mittani and other allies, assembled an army of 25,000 soldiers and 2,500 chariots to defend the supply-center routes of their region. Hostility engagement took place around the city of Kadesh in three main phases. The battle of Kadesh is the earliest recorded battle in ancient years and is famous for two reasons: a) being the biggest chariot battle ever in history and b) its doubtful result: Egyptian sources reported a decisive victory, while Hittite sources referred to definite stop of Egyptian expansion to Syria. The fact is that after the signature of treaty between the two, the kingdom of Egypt did not show any further interest for Syrian boundaries and the empire of Hittite started declining and disappeared.